PT Marandale | Marandale Pte Ltd

Investment | Consulting | Corporate

Established in 2012, the Marandale company is now comprised of 9 companies operating in 5 industries. As of 2021, the Marandale Group employs just over 250 people in Indonesia and Singapore. The company continues to explore new opportunities for investment with a unique approach through partnership. Building relationships between stakeholders to create new ventures, several in the form of SMEs to generate organic growth by innovation. Marandale seeks out opportunities and builds new businesses by staying true to its premise, as a people-focused enterprise built upon expertise working strength to strength.


PT Aldara Sarana Nusantara

Technology | Solutions | Distribution

Established in 2015, Aldara is a company focused in the implementation of new technologies for the Indonesian market in both B2B and B2G. Aldara began by introducing remote-sensing technologies for crop yield enhancement that changed plantation management techniques for agriculture companies. The company continues its focus in new technologies including unmanned systems, artificial intelligence and IoT. Aldara works closely with global technology manufacturers as regional partner. The company is a solutions integrator and nationwide distributor, exhibiting its product solutions in tech symposiums in Indonesia and Singapore.   


PT Atlas Wasa Nusantara

Aviation | Services | MRO

Established in 2018, Atlas is an aviation company comprised of experienced engineers in the maintenance, upgrading and retrofitting of aircrafts. The company is an MRO, certified by original equipment manufacturers and the Indonesian aviation authority. Atlas continues its ambition for growth by the acquisition of further expertise for a diverse range of aircrafts.


PT Belitung Fortuna Cemerlang

Sports | Football | Entertainment


Belitong Football Club was founded in 2011 and invested by Marandale Sports Group in 2021. The ambition behind the football club is centralised upon youth development. Underpinned by the concept of youth beyond the island of Belitung. To create a centre for youth development in the sport of football. Through facilities and support forming a unique setting for an academy in a professional and competitive setting. The club plan to host summer camps with facilities within the island, to attract talents beyond the archipelago, to take part in a youth development programmes designed to empower and entertain.  


PT Kediri Djajati Perkasa

Sports | Football | Entertainment                                         


Persik Kediri was founded in 1950 in the Regency of Kediri in East Java by the Regent of Kediri at the time. To create a domestic football club competing in the Indonesian top-flight football competition. The club finally made its success as crowned champions of the Indonesian Football League in 2003 after only having been promoted to the first-tier the year before in 2002. This success had been complimented by another league title in 2006, lifting the trophy for the last time to date. Marandale Sports Group invested in Persik Kediri in 2021 with ambitions to return the club to its historical status in the Indonesian football royalty.


PT Arkhon Properti Marandale

Property | Hospitality | Functions


Established in 2021, Arkhon is a new venture in boutique real estates in Indonesia. With an initial project ground-breaking in the island of Belitung, the company takes part in the special tourism initiative of the island province. The provincial masterplan of the island is extensive and is designed to attract international tourism through the beauty of its natural landscapes. Arkhon is engaged with another project in sports properties management, a hospitality project designed to attract sports tourism through a complex of sports facilities. The company aims to establish its presence within the Indonesian property space by 2027.