Corporate Values

The Marandale group puts its people at the core of its operations. A community of shared values with a performance-oriented ethos at work. A vibrant collective of unique individuals, forged with trust and respect.

Diversity | Unity | Integrity | Tenacity | Sustainability


Karina Aprillia

Social Media Officer

Belitong Football Club

“I joined Belitong FC because I am passionate about sports. Its an exciting experience to be part of such a vibrant environment. With its challenges, the football club is always striving for every achievement and I know that my job is a big part of that.”

“Being part of Atlas means something new everyday. I work with different projects at once, its challenging and an engaging place to be. I always look forward to what comes next and it keeps a level of excitement at work.”

Ir. Tobri

Maintenance Engineer

Atlas Wasa Nusantara

Taufan Irvansyah

Operations Officer

Aldara Sarana Nusantara

“I worked at Aldara from 2015 to 2018. The whole experience transformed my approach at work both as a professional and as the entrepreneur that I have become today. The role of technology is tremendous in our environment and the opportunity is ever present. Aldara made me comfortable to experiment so that I could solve business problems in innovative ways.”


Marandale continues to seek talented individuals to join its group of companies. All of our companies are specialised within their industrial expertise and therefore operate their own recruitment scheme. All companies conduct recruitment through online vacancy postings. Below lists all our company vacancy pages.

Belitong FC


Marandale Group


Belitong FC






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